Professor Wonyong Choi Selected as a Highly Cited Researcher for Two Consecutive Years

2020-11-25 460

[Three POSTECH alumni including professors Oh-Min Kwon, Ju Hyun Park, Sangmoon Lee also made the list]

201119_최원용교수 히어로

Professor Wonyong Choi of POSTECH’s Division of Environmental Science and Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering was selected as one of the most influential researchers in the world for two consecutive years.

Clarivate Analytics, an information analytics company, analyzes the number of paper citations using the Web of Science data to identify the top 1% of the most cited researchers. Clarivate recognizes these researchers as Highly Cited Researchers and releases the list annually.

Professor Wonyong Choi has strengthened the fundamentals of environmental and energy technologies using photocatalysts by developing a new variety of them and systematically researching their characteristics and reaction mechanisms. He is particularly drawing attention from global academia for his pioneering work in the field of environmental chemistry by developing a new advanced oxidation technology and identifying a new chemical phenomenon of ice.

Professor Choi made headlines this year when he was appointed as the founding editor-in-chief of the journal ACS ES&T Engineering in March. He was also elected as an advisory panel for the journal Nature Sustainability in August and won the Doosan Yonkang Environmental Academic Award from the Doosan Yonkang Foundation in November.

In the past, he has won the Korea Engineering Award in 2018 and the Korean Society of Environmental Engineers’ Academic Award in 2019 for strengthening the foundation of environmental and energy industries using photocatalysts.

Meanwhile, three POSTECH alumni – Professor Oh-Min Kwon of Chungbuk National University, Professor Ju Hyun Park of Yeungnam University, and Professor Sangmoon Lee of Kyungpook National University – were also selected as Highly Cited Researchers of 2020.