Professors Dong Woo Suh and Sung-Joon Kim’s Paper Ranked Third Most Cited Article

2020-08-14 226


The paper co-authored by professors Dong Woo Suh and Sung-Joon Kim of the Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology at POSTECH was the third most cited article since 2017 in Scripta Materialia, a world-renowned journal in the field of materials science.

The selected paper is titled, “Medium Mn transformation-indicated plasticity steels: Recent progress and challenges.” Transformation-induced plasticity (TRIP) steel is a type of next-generation giga steel for automobiles, manufactured to display outstanding strength and plasticity at the same time through the phase transformation phenomenon. In this paper, the authors present the concept of alloy design and the control of micro-organizational properties to derive extreme materiality in the medium-manganese TRIP steel with increased manganese content than the conventional ones.

Prof. Dong Woo Suh and Prof. Sung-Joon Kim first presented the concept of an alloy design that allows continuous annealing for commercial production of medium-manganese TRIP steels in 2010, and have since conducted active research in developing giga steels for automobiles using the TRIP phenomenon.

Scripta Materialsia is the world’s most authoritative journal on metal materials (top 5 percentile in its category by JCR) published by Elsevier, the world’s largest publisher based in Amsterdam.