Responsible Drinking Culture Campaign

2015-03-16 913
Responsible Drinking Culture Campaign

As a new semester starts, the chance of drinking has increased, which sometimes may cause accidents by excessive drinking because of many membership trainings for new students. Therefore, POSTECH Health Service Center would like to invite experts and conduct a campaign not only to prevent excessive-drinking-related accidents but also to promote a responsible drinking culture. Your attendance is always welcome.
1. Purpose : To establish a healthier drinking culture by raising the awareness of the physical, mental, economic and social problems associated with excessive drinking
2. Date : Friday March 20, 15:20~17:20
3. Venue : Atlas Hall, 1F of Student Union Building
4. Host : – POSTECH Health Service Center
              – Undergraduate Student Association
              – Undergraduate Women Student Association
5. Support : 2 mental health specialists from Pohang Addiction Management Center
6. Program
   – Exhibition of posters and pictures on prevention of alcohol-induced problems
   – Counselling
   – Alcohol abuse screening test (i.e. questionnaire)
   – Distribution of leaflets
   – Virtual drinking experiences using special goggles
   – Correction of common misconceptions about drinking
   – Alcoholysis genestic test using patch
7. For inquiries, contact POSTECH Health Service Center at 279-2620.