The 2014 Academic Year Commencement Ceremony at POSTECH Gymnasium

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POSTECH held its Commencement Ceremony for the 2014 Academic Year on February 13, 2015 at the POSTECH Gymnasium. The graduating class included 266 undergraduates and 463 graduate students.

Graduates were led into the gymnasium by department flag bearers and a performance by the POSTECH Orchestra. Ph.D degree candidates were individually called to the platform and guided to the stage by their advisors for the hooding process. Master’s and bachelor’s degree candidates were represented on stage by one student from each department and program.

POSTECH President Yongmin Kim gave an inspiring address to graduates that celebrated their accomplishments and encouraged them to tackle challenges in life with creativity and boldness.

President Kim reminded graduates to use their POSTECH education to become trailblazers and pursue innovation. He also stressed the importance of public service. “Use your POSTECH education, not only for your own success and glory, but also for serving others and enriching the world,” he said. “It is my sincere wish that you lead a life as intellectuals who prioritize public interest and human decency in a world that needs more love and compassion.”

POSTECH Chairman Ohjoon Kwon gave a complimentary speech in which he encouraged students to keep the dreams they envisioned at POSTECH alive in their hearts as they head into the world.

“People say that the size of your dream determines the size of your life,” said Chairman Kwon. “I hope that you will plan your next 50 years based on the dream you envisioned at the Nobel Garden to create innovative solutions to the grand challenges faced by the nation and humanity”.

Valedictorian Mr. Hyun-Seon Seo, from the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, gave the student address.

The following prizes were presented in recognition of outstanding achievement by students in the graduating class:
·         The Founding Chairman’s Award to the top student in the graduating class: Mr. Hyun-Seon Seo (Department of Materials Science & Engineering)
·         The Chairman’s Award to the most outstanding student in the science class: Mr. Wan-Kee Lee (Department of Mathematics)
·         The Hogil Kim Prize to the student who has most raised the university’s prestige: Mr. Han-Jae Nam (Department of Materials Science & Engineering)
·         The Sung-Kee Chung Thesis Prize for the best doctoral graduate dissertation in science: Mr. Do-Hyung Kim (Department of Mathematics)
·         The Kun Soo Chang Thesis Prize for the best doctoral graduate dissertation in engineering: Mr. Tae-Hee Han (Department of Materials Science & Engineering)
After the commencement ceremony, students were invited for a luncheon hosted by the Vice President of Business Affairs at the POSCO International Center Grand Ballroom.

Congratulations to POSTECH’s newest graduates!

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