The 2nd Commemoration for Late Founding Chairman Tae-Joon Park

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The 2nd Commemoration for Late Founding Chairman Tae-Joon Park
It has been almost 2 years since the founding chairman Tae-Joon Park passed away. Throughout his lifetime, Chairman Park took the lead in Korea’s industrial modernization and serving the country through education with his keen insight into the future. In particular, he founded POSTECH and greatly contributed to making POSTECH a world-class university as it is today. Therefore, we will hold commemorative events for the 2nd anniversary of the founding chairman Tae-Joon Park’s passing, and ask all members to participate in the events to honor his contribution and noble spirit.
1. Event Schedule
Commemorative Lecture
Monday, December 9, 2013
(04:30 pm – 06:00 pm)
Auditorium, POSCO International Center
– Special Lecture by Professor Gi Bok Bak (Kookmin University)
– Title: Tae Joon Park’s Leadership
– All POTSTECH members
(The lecture will be delivered in Korean only)
Co-author of the book “Tae Joon Park’s thought
open the future"
Memorial Ceremony
Friday, December 13, 2013
(10 am)
Nobel Garden
(in front of the Tae-Joon Park Statue)
– Executives of POSTECH Foundation
– Provost & Executive Vice President of POSTECH, senior administrators, department heads
– RIST executives
– Faculty, staff and student
– all POSTECH members
President will
attend Tae Joon Park’s memorial
ceremony held by POSCO at
10:00 am
2. Memorial Ceremony Program
  – Opening->the Pledge of Allegiance->Silent Tribute->Memorial speech by  POSTECH Provost & Executive Vice President ->Floral tribute and burning incense ->Closing
  – Floral tribute and burning incense in the following order:
    Vice Chairman of POSTECH Foundation, Provost & Executive Vice President, RIST executives, representatives of faculty, staff, and students, senior administrators, Director of POSTECH Foundation and invited guests

3. Note
  – A memorial altar will be available in front of the Tae-Joon Park Statue on December 13 – 14 for anyone who wishes to offer incense and pay respect
  – Contact Information: You, Eun-chul (Tel. 279-8712)