The 3rd POSTECH Cultural Content Contest in Science and Technology

2014-07-15 1,544

The 3rd POSTECH Cultural Content Contest in Science and Technology
An opportunity to enhance creativity and imagination and give students a chance to express ideas through various media

 1. Theme/Topic
  – Science Fiction: free topic
  – Photo Story/UCC: Choose one of the following themes: ‘POSTECH’,  ‘Postechian’,
    ‘Science and Society’ 

 2. Categories and Rules
  – Science Fiction: About 110 pages of 200 characters squared manuscript paper
  – Photo Story: 5~10 pictures with appropriate captions that constitute a ‘story’

 Any format available is allowed (ppt, pdf, photo cartoon, etc.)
 – UCC: Run time of 3 minutes or longer

3. Deadline and Submission
 – Friday, Sept. 12, 2014 by 18:00
 – Submit by visiting Postech Times office in person or
   via e-mail
Please write down your category of application/ name/ major/ student ID number/ e-mail/ 
  contact number when submitting your work.

4. Eligibility 
 – Postech undergraduate and graduate students are eligible (May apply

individually or in group)

5. Certificate and Prize
 – Grand Prize: One entry (Certificate, Cash Prize of 500,000 KRW)
 – Runner-up Prize: One entry from each category, three in total (Certificate,

Cash Prize of 200,000 KRW each)
– Participation Prize: Certificate, Cash Prize of 100,000 KRW
  * A souvenir will be given to all the applicants present at the award ceremony

6. Other
– Submitted works will not be returned
– Winners may not necessarily be selected
– The prize-winning submissions will be published in the Postech Times newspaper and  
– The date and venue of the award ceremony will be announced at a later date

7. Host: The Postech Times
               For questions contact: