The Next Generation 5G Consortium Founded

2020-11-24 271

[The world’s first open consortium to build 5G ecosystem and expand 5G business]

5G, which uses the millimeter wave (mmWave), is a communication method that enables broadband transmission that not only provides fast wireless internet connection, but also applies to industries such as self-driving cars, smart factories, and digital healthcare. With the commercialization of 5G in 2019 around the world, it is expected that much more innovative “killer applications” will emerge in 2021 when the mobile carriers at home and abroad complete the verification of relevant technologies.

In light of this, eight institutions – POSTECH, KREEMO, SK Telecom, Dongwoo Fine-chem, Corning, Y-Tech, Keysight Technologies, and Ansys – have come together to form an open-consortium called the mmWave Industry Alliance (MIA) for the market revitalization and ecosystem creation for the 5G industry.

Although the launch of 5G-enabled communication devices has garnered constant attention since 2019, this move is drawing attention from academia and industry as there are currently no standards to verify its performance.

MIA plans to develop 5G mmWave golden reference devices that can verify the performance of 5G devices and to help companies developing 5G devices compare and evaluate their performance and quickly launch products with the best performance. Member organizations anticipate that this will contribute to vitalizing the 5G markets including autonomous driving, smart city, augmented and virtual reality.

POSTECH professor Wonbin Hong, who is leading the formation of MIA, remarked, “We expect MIA to be an important consortium that will strengthen the national core technologies in 5G and lead the future 6G technology through maximizing the application of high-frequency resources with much potential like the mmWave.”

John Joonho Park, the CEO of KREEMO which is a 5G antenna venture company that will serve as the MIA secretariat, stated, “We will contribute to building the 5G ecosystem and the vitalizing the markets by applying the world’s first 360-degree 5G antenna solution to the 5G mmWave standard samples.”

“Simulation in developing and certifying 5G mmWave device has become essential,” commented Seok hwan Moon, the general manager of Ansys Korea. “We will provide full support for the growth of the 5G industry through the Ansys simulation solution, which is recognized as a global golden standard.”

“Keysight has a variety of mmWave designs and measurement solutions, and we will support test solutions for the development and verification of innovative mmWave 5G solutions,” added Keum-Chul Shin, the district manager for sales and engineering of Keysight Technologies Korea.